The PhD course in Business & Law aims to train research doctors who can carry out theoretical and empirical research of significant quality and with a strong interdisciplinary characterization; the main goal is to analyze the legal, managerial and organizational phenomena of enterprises in an international context. The course is mainly aimed at students holding a master's degree in management and business administration or a one-cycle degree in jurisprudence. The study plan is characterized by a common starting point mainly focused on epistemology and methodology of management and legal science in its broadest sense. Through this course, the PhD students will acquire a solid methodological basis and common skills; then, they will specialize in the study of specific themes, chosen on the basis of their study path and main research interest. They will acquire the knowledge and skills to analyse business issues with an interdisciplinary approach.

The PhD has as its main research subject the enterprise in its various forms. It is characterized by three distinctive methodological elements: a multidisciplinary approach, the international dimension, and ultimately the enterprise: a subject of investigation, considered as an institution built for the pursuit of both purely "individualistic" and collective goals, but also as an institution devoted to the fulfilment of human needs.

Main subject areas: Management, Organization, Accounting, Commercial Law, Tax Law.


Career Opportunities

Ph. Doctors can apply to academic and research institutions (both in Italy and abroad). They can also apply for positions both in the private and in the public sector. With regard to the first, the PhD aims at the development of high profile law experts and business managers able to cope with the needs of business and entrepreneurship at the international level. As far as the public sector is concerned, employment opportunities concern the executive branch of public administration, as well as the judiciary.